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You will start your study in Maastricht or you are currently studying here and you are looking for a cycling association? Join Dutch Mountains! All levels of cyclists are welcome! It is always possible to join a road training or mountainbike training! Visit our Facebook or send an email to [email protected] for more info.


The members of student’s mountainbike and cycling association Dutch Mountains in Maastricht are in for sports and a sociable time. Cycling and mountainbiking is possible on any level, from starter who never rode on a racing- or mountainbike before to experienced competitive riders with a license. Besides sports, there is also more than enough time to be sociable. We have monthly activities, three member’s weekend a year and more than enough fun in between.

Dutch Mountains Collage

Solid performances in La Gileppe and Berg & Terblijt

Last weekend team DM has performed very well in two heavy races. On Saturday, Dennis and Yoram rode to a decent 4th and 7th place at the Lac de la Gileppe. The morning thereafter, the entire team DM (Kaj, Pieter, Yoram, Dennis, Robbin and Lars) started in rainy circumstances in the heavy race in Berg & Terblijt. After ascending the Geulhemmerberg 17 times, we concluded we were active during the whole race, but lacked the last jump to compete for the victory. Lars finished 8th, Pieter 17th, Kaj 20th and Dennis 22nd out of 80 starters.

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Victory in the Ridderronde for Dutch Mountains

At the student’s race of the Ridderronde through the city centre of Maastricht, Robbin Van der Geer claimed victory after winning last year as well. Over the soaking wet and slippery cobble stone sections at the Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein, the Markt and the Vrijthof, Lars Quaedvlieg and Robbin were consistenly present at the head of the race. When entering the final three laps, Lars attacked and tried to get away, but was reeled in in the last lap, after which Robbin sprinted to the victory, although it was really close. Lars finished third and also our president rode a solid race.

Besides the race it was a very successful day, despite the heavy rainfall all day. We helped the organisation and enjoyed the professional’s race later on the evening.

dsc-8886-nl dsc-8896-nl ridderronde-2016-roelfotografie-61 ridderronde-2016-roelfotografie-110

GNSK Groningen 2016

Ymke, Sophie van Bakel, Sophie van der Most, Merel Griepink, Lars,Ruben,Jake, Yoram, Dennis & Phil contested in the GNSK in Groningen. The program consisted out of a prologue, sprinting competition, race and a team time trial. The men where close to the podium but in the end had to accept the 4th place. Lars was the 3rd best rider of the weekend!

We were happy to receive a lot of compliments about our new team kit! Thanks to Salden, Advocaten Kantoor van Gans, BikeMedical,Cycledreams and Haselderhof for making this possible.


Frank Roelofs 3rd on the NSK Mountainbike

Not only the road cyclist are quite succesful the last months, also the mountainbikers are in shape! On the National Student’s Championships Mountainbike, since this year back on the calendar, Frank showed to posses some good legs and handling skills. It was sufficient to finish his strong ride on and around the Wijchense Berg in a decent third spot out of the 20 participants.

Frank_NSK_1 Frank_NSK_2

Again podium for DM!

Last sunday four members of Dutch Mountains were again at the start of an ECW race. This time a lap of approximately 5km in the Belgian town of Haneffe was the decor of the race. Lars, Yoram, Dennis and Jake were representing DM there. Even though it was the end of May, the weather was terrible. It became a race with constant rain and even occasional hail. This did however not hinder Lars in his race as he claimed 3rd place in a totally disrupted field of riders. Yoram also finished on a good 14th place in a small group behind Lars.

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Club competition time trial

Ow not again! Not again the damn channel. That was the prominent though on everybody’s mind. However, eventually the time trial over 16.8 km did make for an epic battle, of which the results were the following:
1. Lars: 23.14
2. Dennis: 23.48
3. Yoram: 24.15
4. Ruben: 24.59
5. Tom: 25.12
6. Jake: 25.55
7. Andrey: 28.39
1. Ymke: 28:07
2. Ires: 29.13
This means the standings look like this:
1. Dennis: 27 points
2. Lars: 27 points
3. Yoram 24 points
1. Ymke: 19 points
2. Sophie: 10 points
3. Evelien: 10 points

Again victory for Team DM

After the sufferfest in the Vosges, there is was not much time to recover for two racing days. Motivated due to the brand new clothing, Kaj, Pieter, Yoram, Dennis and Lars took the start on Tuesday in Nessonvaux, a beautiful race with four times the ascent of the Trasenster. Although luck wasn’t on our side (one crash and a lost Garmin), we entered the last lap with three of our riders in the breakaway group of 13. Quite disappointing was the fact that we couldn’t finish higher than a 5th place for Lars and a 9th place for Dennis.

The day thereafter, Dennis and Lars took the effort to go to the time trial in Ransdaal. Although the way getting there was full of complaints about heavy legs and fatigue, non of this appeared to be true: Dennis won in a time of 15:03 and Lars finished 2nd 14 seconds down, a nice 1-2 for our team and the first victory ever for Dennis!

WINST 1 Ransdaal

Members Weekend Vosges

Last ascension weekend, approximately 25 members of the Dutch Mountains travelled to the beautiful village Le Thillot in the Vosges. With a record number of mountain bikers and also a big group of racing cyclists, we were well represented in the outstanding French environment. With plenty of beautiful and tough climbs and a bike park around the corner, everyone was able to ultimately test their condition and their bikes. This resulted in a lot of tired but also satisfied members in the evening. After four beautiful days in France we can look back on a very successful members weekend!

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