New years diner at Haselderhof

Dutch Mountains went to Valkenburg on a snowy Thursday. Why could you ask? Well we had a diner at the restaurant of one of our sponsors: Haselderhof. Everyone was dressed fancily and excitement was all around. Also some hungry bellies, but that would be taken care of as soon as we entered the restaurant. The food was great, the atmosphere too. There was a lot of laughter, interesting conversations, delicious meals and even a speach from Thijs to top it all of. It is save to say that we all enjoyed the evening and some of us also the night, because they kept on going until the small morning hours, when the sun rose almost. The evening was a complete succes, we cannot wait until the next time this many members are present to celibrate an event. Hope to see you all soon!

Thanks to all our sponsors for a great 2018 and hopefully an even better 2019!

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