Board Positions


The president is the most important person of the board. He or she leads the General Members Assemblies, the meeting with the board and is the contact person for the external relations of DM, like the KNWU and the MUSST. He or she also encourages the other board members to perform their board tasks.

Secretary (and vice-president)

The secretary is responsible for all communication within the board, but also outside the board. He or she makes notes during the meetings and manages the mailbox of Dutch Mountains. He or she is also responsible for the newsletter and is also the second in command in case the president is not present.


The treasurer is responsible for everything which has to do with money. He or she makes a budgetary at the beginning of the year and makes sure all debits are paid on time.

Activitities Commissioner

The activities commissioner is responsible for the organisation of activities and memberweekends. Together with his or her committee they organise these activities and try to make a success out of it.

Racing Commissioner

The racing commissioner is responsible for all competitions joined by people of Dutch Mountains. Together with his or her committee he or she organises the transport to competitions, the subscriptions, the organisation of the club-competition, the competition calender and he or she also stimulates members to join some competitions.

PR/Sponsor Commissioner

The PR/Sponsor commissioner is responsible for all PR of DM and also for keeping contact with the current sponsors. He or she makes newsletters for sponsors and takes care of all PR and sponsor items of DM, for example the clothes.

MTB Commissioner

The mountain-bike commissioner is responsible for the mountainbikers of DM. He or she makes the tourcalendar, is responsible for the mountainbiketrainings and for the competitions joined by mountainbikers.

Media Commissioner

The media commissioner is responsible for the clubmagazine the DuMa (DutchMagazine), managing the website, DM’s social media and makes sure photos and videos are spread out on these media.

Materials Commissioner

The materials commissioner is responsible for managing DM’s equipment. He or she administrates which items are lent out and, if needed, repairs or replaces equipment. He or she is also responsible for DM’s club car.

Wolder Commissioner

The wolder commisioner organizes our own Studentcup, the annual Ronde van Wolder. He or she makes that all runs smoothly behind the scenes, and that everybody will have an amzing day.