Become a member


If you are interested in becoming a member of Dutch Mountains, you are always welcome to join a training.
The actual training times can be found at the right side of the website. If you want to join a training, just send an email to and ask if you are welcome to join a training. You can borrow a racing bike or mountain bike from Dutch Mountains if you don’t have a bike by yourself. A helmet (mandatory) or shoes can also be borrowed.


You could become a member by filling in the subscription form and send this to Dutch Mountains, Postbus 616, 6200 MD Maastricht. You can also give it to a board member during a training or activity, or send it via email to .

Due to subsidies we are only accepting members who are possessing an UM-sports membership ‘Sports’. This membership can also be applied by students from another institution of higher education or students temporarily residing in Maastricht in connection with an internship or exchange. You can only become a member of DM up to two years after graduation. For more information about purchasing a UM sports membership, click here.


A membership of DM costs €30,- a year. For this amount you are able to join all the activities and trainings organised by DM. Besides, you will get the Dutch Magazine 5 times a year and you are able to buy DM-clothing.



DM classics

If you are not able to buy a UM-sportscard or if you want to be no longer a member of DM, but you want to support the association financially, you can be a DM-classic. The contribution for a DM-classic is €30,- a year, but you don’t have to buy a UM-sportscard. Furthermore, you are also able to buy DM-clothes. The DM-classics have their own training sessions, activities and members weekends, but you are also welcome to members weekends from DM.

Membership cancellation

Cancellation of the DM-membership should be done written and will end at the start of the next academic year. A cancellation for the next academic year should be done before the 1st of September. If you cancel your membership after the 1st of September, you will stay a member for one year longer. If you don’t buy a UM-sportscard, you will become a DM-classic.