Author: Paul Disbeschl

Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a very happy and sporty new year! 🥳🎆

May we ride 🚴🏼, race 🏁, achieve goals ✔ and most importantly, have a lot of fun while doing it. 🤗

We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Holiday and ate your hearts out, so you have a good excuse to get on your bike as much as possible in 2021!

Furthermore, we want to congratulate the winners of the DM specials in 2020.

The Ultimate DM Team Leader: Bram Mennen
The Ultimate DM Team Leadster: Anna Van Wersch
The Biggest DM Pancake: Max Willem Ris
The Most Talented DM’er: Jordan Habets
The Most Soignee DM’er: Ivo Habets
The Least Soignee DM’er: Boaz van Uffelen
The Biggest DM Wheelsucker: Max Willem Ris
And lastly, The Most Epic Ride in 2020: Tour du Mont Blanc by Astrid Witters

Important update for (potential) members

Dear all,

Sadly Corona still influences all of our lives, and we recently received an update with new measures we have to conform to.

From now on, only members can attend our training sessions. If you’d like to become an official member of Dutch Mountains, you can sign up using the “become a member” link in the top menu above.

Furthermore, we’re sadly not allowed to organize any physical activities anymore until further notice. Therefore, all planned activities have been cancelled for the moment.

New Year’s Dinner 2020

At the end of January, Dutch Mountains members met up for the annual New Year’s dinner at De Haselderhof in Valkenburg. The members, dressed up in their nicest suits and dresses, were rewarded for their small trek up the hill to the restaurant with delicious meals and wines. Pictures were made, stories were told and Willem gave an entertaining speech.
We would like to thank De Haselderhof for the lovely evening!

Ook nu weer bedankt aan alle sponsoren voor een schoon 2010 en hopelijk een nog beter 2020