Finals club competition

The finals of the club competition took place last Wednesday! It was still possible for the overall standings to change due to the fact that double points could be won in this final.

We did a proper omnium at the track in Geleen, starting with an one lap time-trial where Frank (who claimed to be ill) clearly won within a time of 37.44 seconds. The next discipline was a elimination race that was completely controlled by Thom, which seemed to have triggered something within him because Thom easily won the third and fourth discipline as well, which were the sprint tournament and the normal race.

The overall winner of the race was obviously Thom, Frank became second and Ivo showed that he is worth being the competition commissioner of Dutch Mountains this year by becoming third.

The women race was less exciting due to the fact that Lotte was the only one who showed up. Nevertheless she was a good competitor against the men.

Eventually, the overall standings did not change, and therefore we would like to congratulate the club champions of Dutch Mountains 2016-2017: Lars Quaedvlieg and Lotte Jansen!


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